• Barbara Bordalejo

Day 108: Maple

It's Canada Day and, although we worry about how this country came to be and we recognize the many victims of racism and injustice that still suffer today, we are also grateful for the many opportunities we have, the kindness we receive, and the fact that politicians from all sides have worked so the virus could be contained.

As we ate today, we thought of everything that is good and everything we need to work for to make a more just future for everyone.

We finish our meal with maple cookies Tessa and I made together. They were lovely, buttery, full of flavour. Next time we should make poutine.

10:01 pm

Canada cases 106,288

Deaths 8678

Recoveries 69,397

World cases 10,668,410

World deaths 515,694

World recoveries 5,464,430


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