• Barbara Bordalejo

Day 136: The Veggie Patch

I never understood that a few vegetables could provide such happiness. We started the veggie patch as a project to get us into the garden and doing something useful. I hoped both Tessa and I would learn things we never had a chance to learn before. Everything came true.

We look at the blushing tomatoes and exclaim: "It's happening!" How could I describe the joy of eating these plants we have chosen and cared for. There are flowers too, in true potager garden fashion. The lavender lends its aroma to everything else while keeping at bay some pests. Broccoli never tasted so good. The chard is tender but slightly bitter. The lettuce is an explosion in our mouths. I feel like cooking, like trying new dishes and flavours. Tessa eats with enthusiasm and observes how varied her diet has become.

I dread September, the cold winds, the eventual snow. All those things, a bit more than a month away, will plot against my garden. They will take everything away. And yet, there is a part of me that thinks it is all far away. In the meantime, I look forward to more strawberries and raspberries, to peppers which just turned golden, to carrots, kale, pungent onions and leeks, and tender spinach. Something feels really right as we eat and enjoy our garden.

9:11 pm

Canada cases 117,357

Deaths 8962

Recoveries 101,992

World cases 16,667,130

World deaths 665,581

World recoveries 9,908,772


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