• Barbara Bordalejo

Day 68: Conflict

Updated: May 24

We are running out of patience. Tessa who is so wise and even-tempered seems to have a very short fuse today. We ended up having a fight. For us, it was a big one. We only have each other in the end. That, I guess, is worse for me than it is for her. She will find other people. She will get on with her life (as it should be) and I will be totally alone.

I don't want to be obnoxious, to tell her what to do, to constantly remind her to do her part to keep the house going. But, if I don't, she forgets.

The disagreement was about my colour pencils. She dropped a bunch of them twice in the space of a few minutes. She was frustrated because she was not managing the effects she wanted. I was frustrated because I saw her as an entitled person throwing a tantrum. I don't want her to be entitled. It's a horrible attitude. But I have to wonder whether it is my responsibility, whether I have made her like that. After all, she has everything she wants, she gets anything she asks for. It's hard. I want to give her everything. And yet, I don't want her to take things for granted. I want her to take care of what we share and to appreciate how lucky we are that we can afford nice colour pencils, and other art supplies. We are fortunate.

10:35 pm

Canada cases 83,947

Deaths 6360

Recoveries 42,608

World cases 5,211,172

World deaths 338,183

World recoveries 2,056,650


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