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Day 98: Biohazard

Updated: Jun 23

That's a positive pressure blue suit for biosafety. It's an older model as I couldn't find open access photos of a more current one. Suits similar to this one are used for biosafety level 4. In such labs, scientists study pathogens classified as biohazard level 4. This means that they can infect humans and no treatment or vaccination is available to counter them. What are those, you ask? The viruses that cause hemorrhagic fevers (Marburg, Lassa, Congo, Ebola), Nipah, and Hendra virus (this one is my current favourite virus).

Scientists working on biosafety level 4 labs have to wear three pairs of gloves one on top of the other. Even then, they are not completely safe.

10:07 pm

Canada cases 103,078

Deaths 8482

Recoveries 65,249

World cases 8,929,394

World deaths 467,676

World recoveries 4,419,735


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