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Day 34: Bread

After having been making bread mostly for Tessa with the little yeast I have left, I found new costumers who are interested in having some. My friend Shelley, when she came by to deliver the jump rings, I had ordered, mentioned that she had been reminded by a Facebook post of the bread I used to make. I was more than happy to offer her some more, the next time I made it. Today, I made two loaves, and I delivered one to Shelley's house when it was still a bit warm. We visited at a distance, I stood a couple of metres away from the door, and we had a lovely conversation despite the weather being still cold enough to send us our separate ways after some twenty minutes. I was so happy that we could talk and that I could share bread with them. It reminds me why bread has been such an essential cultural item, why breaking bread together mattered, and who your friends are. I was glad that at times like this, we can still offer something that links us and makes us a community.

11:03 pm:

Canada cases 34,386

Deaths 1520

Recoveries 11,216

World cases 2,329,539

World deaths 160,721

World recoveries 595,229


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