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Day 35: Façade

Everything is starting to crumble. I cannot remember the last time I went to a hairdresser. I could find out, I guess, from my calendar, but I find it too depressing to go back in time and look at when one could still go and have her hair fixed. It was a lovely tone of rose gold last time I left Alchemy (the alternative hair salon I have frequented for the past two years). Now the colour is faded, and the roots are showing what can only be described as unicorn hair (that's, of course, the kindest of descriptions). I should have had my nails done three weeks ago. They resisted quite well; they made it until week six (my hands, that is, my toes are a whole different story). But last week, one by one, my absolutely fabulous gel nails started to give in. One by one, they feel, like the petals of a dying rose. The devastation they left behind is indescribable. My nails are frail and brittle and feel the coldness in the air. On the bright side, I can write better on the computer (they had become too long, and they made typing difficult. Also, cutting gel nails at home: the horror!). Eyebrows: I should have been to have them tidied about three weeks ago. Where is Taylor, of the Brow Babe, what is she doing? How is Clarise who just had learned to come when I called her? And my eyebrows are a total jungle. What can I say about the rest? Hair everywhere were I like it to be none. Cero opportunity for a facial, and there are days that I put the most basic makeup, only using three eye-shadow colours (yes, I grew up in Venezuela, and we are geniuses in what refers to makeup). It has gotten so bad that there have been days in which I would only use my nourishing day cream, argan oil, and sunscreen, on top of which I would use a single product for eyes, cheeks and lips; the kind of makeup I would wear for the beach or the gym, not for everyday life. I'm a shadow of who I was, and I despair to think that grooming services might not be considered essential. Frankly, I need Amanda, Britney, and Taylor, the women who make me look like myself.

Here is what I look after 35 days of confinement.

Good thing, at least, I have a cute cat.

11:03 pm:

Canada cases 36,039

Deaths 1625

Recoveries 11,852

World cases 2,403,963

World deaths 165,229

World recoveries 624,698


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