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Day 37: Secret

I have yeast! It's all thanks to my friends who told me where to find it. If you go to Sobeys, you will find it in the refrigerated section by the bakery. It will set you back around five dollars, but it is precious and you will be happy to get it.

As I grabbed greedily my container (yes, only one is allowed per customer), a man, who was nearby, spoke: "I heard they were selling it here and I came immediately."

"Yeah," I answered as I sped away because I don't like strange men overseeing what I buy or commenting on it (even when there are social distancing rules in place).

No matter what, I'm now the owner of my very own yeast. I have a lot of bread to make and much to learn about life. In the meantime, it was 17 degrees and we cooked beef outside on the grill. Despite initial protestations, Tessa seemed to like it. The sun felt good and life seemed entirely normal. For a minute.

9:53 pm:

Canada cases 39,405

Deaths 1915

Recoveries 13,190

World cases 2,564,190

World deaths 177,445

World recoveries 681,824


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