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Day 55: Buying Love

After yesterday's lovely hug, I confess, I'm ready to do anything to make Nathan love me. that boy did more for me than anyone has in a while and I shall produce a ton of bread for him. His enthusiasm is unmatched and, most importantly, he made me feel valuable. This is way more than I can say from many adults in my life who are heartless or selfish.

I was talking to my ex and he complained that the worse thing about the pandemic is that he cannot travel internationally. The statement shocked me. What privileged thing to complain about. There are people dying, losing loved ones, in danger of being homeless, unable to pay their bills, without a job, without any job prospects, whose children might go hungry, who are suffering from mental illness... but a white male professor complains that he cannot travel internationally. Ok, Boomer was not even enough for that. So I proceeded to explain the level of privilege implied in that question. He defended himself, giving examples as to why it mattered that he couldn't travel. His family is in the UK, he reminded me, while at the same time he forgot that my family is in Argentina and that I might be in the situation of not even being able to afford a trip there.

He then proceeded to explain the terrible loss represented by not having sports available. Sure, I thought, those poor footballers and their millions, I suffer for them and the losses of the advertisers. There are reasons why this man is my ex. His lack of empathy is beyond compare.

Instead, I hope people of the world keep raising boys like Nathan, who see you are hurting and give you a hug, even during a pandemic.

10:20 pm

Canada cases 68,918

Deaths 4823

Recoveries 31,262

World cases 4,024,737

World deaths 279,313

World recoveries 1,375,854


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