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Day 7: Social Distance

I thought that going early to Costco would allow me to avoid the crowds. Even though, I arrived at 10:26 am, 26 minutes after my intended time, the parking lot was pretty empty. To the side of the entrance, people walked as if they were going to the back of the store. The line was long. Too long for me to stay, I thought. A short blond woman with frizzy hair, yelled from afar that I should grab a cart and join the queue.

How long would it take?

Twenty minutes or so, she answered.

I waited. The line stretched and wounded on itself, like a snake basking in the sun.

Some people took pictures with their phones. Others filmed. I did both.

As I approached the entrance, a sign announced what was out of stock: hand-sanitizer and nitrile gloves. I happen to have both. The sanitizer was left over from a trip I did in December. The gloves were bought for my mother (who left in February) because her hands get terribly damaged just if they are in contact with water. I wonder how her hands are now.

After I came back. I made lunch for my kid and ate something myself. She didn’t look good. She seemed tired and hot and continued to cough. Her temperature was 36.8, not high enough to be considered anything.

I read for a while and fell asleep on the sofa. I slept for two hours or so. But I only woke up to see the time and the next time I saw it, another hour and a half had passed.

I felt cold which is odd because the temperature is the same and found I was developing a headache. My own temperature was 36 degrees. I still hesitate about calling 811.

They are reporting the first two cases in Yukon.

9:50 pm:

Canada cases: 1470

Deaths: 21

Recoveries: 10

World cases: 336,000

World deaths: 14,641


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