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Day 63: Out by the Water

It was nice to take a couple of hours to have a picnic by the water. Tessa came out for the first time since March 18. She enjoyed it. The sun, the warmth. The wind on our skin.

I'm not the kind of person that tends to appreciate the clouds, but I did. I even liked the sun, despite the effect it had on the cupcake frosting.

It felt normal, nice. I wish he had gone for a long walk. We didn't because they were other people there and we didn't want to have to pass by to close to them. It has come to that, to the deliberate avoidance of other humans. It's weird and it isn't.

10:06 pm

Canada cases 78,332

Deaths 5903

Recoveries 38,563

World cases 4,713,769

World deaths 315,187

World recoveries 1,733,963


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