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Day 72: Vulnerability

It was about 8:45 am. I was coming back from walking the dog. About to get home. I saw him from the corner. He was walking directly towards me. But it was the morning, the temperature was pleasantly warm, the sun shone, pouring over everything like a golden liquid. Nothing to fear.

I moved towards the right. He moved towards his left. I moved towards my left. He moved towards his right. I felt a smile forming on my lips as I thought about the need of avoiding each other and the awkwardness of being clumsy. I walked to the left, placing myself in the middle of the street to let the stranger pass me by without having to break physical distancing protocols.

It all happened so fast.

10:54 pm

Canada cases 88,090

Deaths 6753

Recoveries 45,352

World cases 5,591,067

World deaths 350,458

World recoveries 2,286,957


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