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Day 73: Death

The US passed 100,000 deaths. A grim threshold. In January, it seemed impossible. When we saw the numbers in China, the situation appeared out of control. Now China looks good. They have fewer cases than Canada (and we locked down early) and fewer deaths.

Here, every day, we have more than one hundred people dying. It's nightmarish. Our 6,876 dead are leaving a hole. There is a sense of loss that permeates everything and, even with the reopening, there is a sense of impending doom that prevents us from behaving like before.

Today is day 73. The virus has caused havoc and destruction. But it is the greed that left people so exposed. Capitalism failed most. A society that doesn't care for its members should not exist at all. We must change so the world can change.

9:38 pm

Canada cases 88,989

Deaths 6876

Recoveries 46,240

World cases 5,691,790

World deaths 355,629

World recoveries 2,350,088


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