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Day 78: Rush

What a day! Rushing to complete many things. It's like suddenly every test is on top of another task. I even had to take 6 minutes to do breathing exercises because I was so stressed.

I thought I had a few more days to a deadline when I realized that no, it was today. At 11:59. That meant I had to ask for favours and increase my moral debt. I don't even know if it is going to be worth it. I ended up putting together an 83-page portfolio. Someone might have to skim through that.

I have to be grateful that friends came through for me. Even when I might not deserve that. And now, I'm depleted.

9:58 pm

Canada cases 93,288

Deaths 7404

Recoveries 50,091

World cases 6,266,193

World deaths 375,554

World recoveries 2,696,009


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