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Day 96: Behind

Miserably, I failed to complete all the tasks I had set myself up for the week. At least, the draft of the article is not ready. That's one of my joint articles. I haven't even started with the other one, single-authored and which only depends on me. I need them all to be set by the end of next week. I also have to finish my translation. The translation takes priority because we need to publish that along with the original article. Why did I commit myself to all of these things? I hope (probably because I live within the bubble of my own delusion) that I will learn one day. Then, I will stop doing things for free or caring about anyone else. It will be a selfish me. A fish. If I were a fish I wouldn't do any of these things. And I couldn't get COVID. And I wouldn't have unfinished work. That's quite a chunk of work undone.

I did other things so the PEC is moving along and I have managed to keep my courses updated. I might also be on track with the move of the diversity workshop online. If we can pull that off then we would have some cool new materials for teaching, which would be fantastic. By the end of the pandemic (if it ever ends), I might be an expert on delivering online courses and workshops, as well as on the smallest details of how to move your event from in-person to virtual. If I were a bit more of an entrepreneur, I would start a company advising people on how to do that. Who knows, I might get some clients.

This weekend is not going to be off. I'm going to have to push through to finish all the things I have to complete. Do I have to? And why doesn't everyone use Zotero as I tell them to?

10:40 pm

Canada cases 102,314

Deaths 8408

Recoveries 64,318

World cases 8,641,521

World deaths 459,474

World recoveries 4,234,310


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