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Day 97: Flinch

We are watching the Great Canadian Baking Show. Season 3 semifinals. Chris, would ultimately be eliminated, trips while moving the cake he only has a few minutes to deliver. I jump up, as he manages to clutch it and save himself from disaster.

Tessa yells: "You flinched, mama! You flinched!"

She is laughing so heartily I cannot help it but laugh with her.

"Sí, me tomó por sorpresa."

"You flinched!" she keeps laughing, "You watch horror films and they never scare you, but the tumbling cake made you flinch."

We are not paying attention in recognition of the truth in her observation. We laugh so much we almost miss the end of the show.

How I wonder, I relate so much to the potential loss of the cake? Do I fear for cake or is it the unpredictability of the moment?

10:36 pm

Canada cases 102,762

Deaths 8466

Recoveries 64,826

World cases 8,770,629

World deaths 464,039

World recoveries 4,347,645


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