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Dr Barbara Bordalejo

I am a textual critic, editor, and digital humanist with a background in English literature. I edit texts, mostly Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, but also Darwin's Origin of Species.

Here is a link to my ORCID profile. You can also find me on Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and  Academia.eduFor my Zenodo personal repository follow this link.

The volume I co-edited with Roopika Risam, Intersectionality in Digital Humanities is now available from ARC Humanities Press and Amsterdam University Press.

I am currently working on a collection on the unessay, co-edited with Daniel P. O'Donnell and Ryan Cordell, as well as on various publications based on research carried out at the Humanities Innovation Lab.



Digital Humanities 2024


Since 2015, I have worked on diversity in Digital Humanities. I gave presentations on the subject at the DH conference in Krakow. With Daniel O'Donnell, I deliver the ADHO diversity workshop at the annual DH conference (the next one is scheduled for July 2022). My article, Minority Report, was published in Bodies of Information (Edited by Elizabeth Losh and Jacqueline Wernimont). Intersectionality in Digital Humanities, which I co-edited with Roopika Risam, appeared in 2019 (Arc-Humanities Press and Amsterdam University Press). 

In collaboration with Richard North (University College London) and Peter Robinson (University of Saskatchewan), I have been working on the CantApp, an application for mobile devices. On February 3rd, we released the General Prologue of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. A web version of this work can be found at the Scholarly Digital Editions site. The app is free to download at Google Play or the Apple Store (search for Chaucer General Prologue). We have described the app here and  here

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