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Day 102: Light

Even though the restrictions started to be lifted a few days ago, today is the first day I feel I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I still have no job (the university has reduced the number of sessionals and I have been offered one class only), but it seems as if things are returning to some kind of normality.

Tessa is scheduled to skate again next week (she received an invitation to start with the early group) and she's truly excited about it. She's chosen her sessions for the summer. Things are looking up.

I'm almost done with two of my articles which means that only one is left. I will have to press on if I want it ready for next week. And I have to confess I'm a bit tired, but it is not exhaustion. Rather, I feel just like when I have exercised the exact amount required. There is quite a bit still to do, but this turned out to be a productive period (even if all the production was not exactly what I had envisioned).

9:45 pm

Canada cases 104,463

Deaths 8567

Recoveries 66,869

World cases 9,586,769

World deaths 488,824

World recoveries 4,822,012


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