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Day 103: Future

It's starting to look like we have a future. I shouldn't be the one to say this, always in the Poe side, as I am. And yet... a glimpse of hope. I can almost taste it. So close. It must mean something good.

Still, people refuse to listen to me. Why would Adam think that it was idle when I mentioned Zotero? It wasn't. I would never suggest if I didn't think it was the best tool available. I don't have any authority (this I knew), but I was hoping to have some credibility (which I clearly don't).

I wish I could say it is not my problem, but it is. It feels like my problem when people I wish well refuse to do something that will benefit them. What does one have to do to have some credibility? I remember: one has to be a white man.

10:14 pm

Canada cases 104,629

Deaths 8571

Recoveries 67,182

World cases 9,778,674

World deaths 493,674

World recoveries 4,932,392


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