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Day 104: More of the same (No, not that)

Five more today. Five more.

My ex went crazy today. After Adam and I finished the article, Peter read it and pretty much trashed it. Years ago, I might have believed what he said, now I'm way too old and used to mistreatment to take it seriously. I genuinely think it is a good article and the only explanation I have is that this is not what he would have written. Since I'm not him and neither is Adam, it seems quite natural that our perspective would deviate from that of my ex.

This is not an isolated incident, but something I'm used to with him. When he is happy with one of his girlfriends, he has no consideration for anyone else. It's been like that for years. Of course, this is now affecting our kid too (and I'm not sure how to protect her) who notices the odd behaviours her father exhibits.

As I said to him, if he were to be right, the reviewers will let us know, so what is the point of writing insulting messages or calling me names. And why is it that, from all the people in the world, I'm the only one he mistreats in this manner? At least, Adam was just collateral damage.

In the end, it's just more of the same.

9:52 pm

Canada cases 104,078

Deaths 8576

Recoveries 67,445

World cases 9,953,038

World deaths 498,178

World recoveries 5,032,146


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