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Day 107: Skating

This was the first day back at skating since March 15th. Tessa could have returned yesterday but they couldn't find the waivers and everything seemed hopeless. Fortunately, the administrator went above and beyond to help us and the president of the club did too. Thanks to them, Tessa had the chance to be on the ice for an hour today, trying to get a feel for it again.

On the downside, Tessa was triggered by the whole situation. She's so invested in doing well that she stresses too much.

The rest was same old, same old. Same mean mothers and horrible children. But the nice ones were also there. Of course, we are not allowed to talk to anyone or even be there.

At least the article seems ready... for the third time in a week. The other one not so much.

9:50 pm

Canada cases 106,097

Deaths 8650

Recoveries 69,120

World cases 10,450,628

World deaths 510,632

World recoveries 5,336,996


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