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Day 111: Summer

It felt like summer. Marina and Sofiya invited us to the beach. It is that salty beach with the spa. I had never been there nor did I know the water was salty. Only when the white residue settled in our bodies I was able to see the reason why. Here is where English fails me. In Spanish, we have a beautiful word for this: salitre. But saltpetre sounds more like an alchemical term than anything else, and I not even sure that it means what I would like it to mean.

Marina had brought her zero-gravity loungers and Oh! The feeling of relaxation was incredible. What a pleasure.

In the water, tiny little fish surrounded us coming to check out whether we were food. The only thing I missed was one of Shelley's blue freezies.

10:11 pm

Canada cases 107,185

Deaths 8732

Recoveries 70,507

World cases 11,240,943

World deaths 530,137

World recoveries 6,044,585


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