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Day 14: Advance Directives

It has become clear, in the last few days, that COVID-19 can affect people of any age. Initially, it looked as if the elderly and vulnerable were being hit the hardest. Perhaps it is true, and yet, I have read several stories in the past few days whose unlucky protagonists were in their forties or fifties. Yes, those stories made the news because they might be a bit unusual. It is possible that those individuals did not have the faintest idea that they were going to die like this. It has made me think quite a bit about advance directives. Most likely, I'm the kind of person that needs to be so tightly in control of the situation that I feel reassurance at the possibility of planning this type of thing in advance. I'm positive that I would not want Tessa to have to be asked anything about what should be done with me if things were to take a bad turn.

The people I trust the most cannot be asked about these matters: they are either unwilling, or too far, or both. I'm fortunate to be able to make a plan right now, in case something should happen. I found guidelines and planning kits for the various provinces and territories. The kits allow individuals to imagine different scenarios and decide whether for certain types of care are or not appropriate or acceptable.

Because I have a child, who still needs me, I most likely will end up with a plan that requires doctors to try to save my life. I couldn't orphan my child by deciding against assistance, should I need it. For me, at this time, to know that everything has been done to keep me with her is a fundamental matter.

10:20 pm:

Canada cases 6320

Deaths 64

Recoveries 466

World cases 722,435

World deaths 33,997

World recoveries 151,901


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