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Day 21: Feeling Flat

Darcy, the dog, needed a walk. A long one too. Although he has been receiving a lot more attention (now that Tessa and I are both home all the time), he was looking pretty sad this morning as he slumped on the sofa arm.

To me, he looked depressed. Or maybe I was getting depressed. We both needed air. Tessa has not left the house since school was suspended, so I knew it was useless to ask her to come with me. I'm not sure why she would prefer to stay in, but she's distinctly avoiding the outdoors. Maybe she's scared. Maybe she's depressed too. Despite how much effort we put, we are more irritable and get more easily bothered by things that might not normally matter.

Our conversations have become more and more strange as our time in captivity continues (I might write more about that some other time, if she's OK with it).

I find that our mental health is deteriorating. I encourage Tessa not to ask too much of herself. I'm trying to do the same. This is a time to be a bit more compassionate and understanding. We need to cut ourselves some slack and stop demanding that we change the world. At the moment, there is little we can do besides staying home, keeping healthy, and continuing to work on the things that matter (even if that is something we do at a different rhythm than usual).

I think we should try mediation, yoga perhaps. Anything that might allow us to lower our levels of anxiety and stress.

8:17 pm:

Canada cases 15,871

Deaths 281

Recoveries 3054

World cases 1,273,290

World deaths 69,444

World recoveries 260,247


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