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Day 31: Capitalism

Shrek. Dreamworks.

It had to be that, after I started to imagine a post-capitalist society, our neighbours to the south continued to insist that the US should be back business as soon as possible. I admit that I watch in disbelief as White old men repeat over and over that the economy is more important than a few lives. Of course, they are just a bit like Lord Farquaad when he tells the potential questers: "Some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice I am willing to make." One cannot help but be amazed at both the rhetoric and the actions of the US government. They have more dead people there than we have confirmed cases in Canada. Of course, the US is a vastly bigger country. Still, the idea that the American economy could be completely open by May 1st is one that only its current president would contemplate.

10:19 pm:

Canada cases 28,253

Deaths 1010

Recoveries 8979

World cases 2,064,115

World deaths 137,020

World recoveries 512,032


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