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Day 33: Party

I notice more and more cars in circulation. It has been going on for a few days, in contrast with the previous period where one barely saw any vehicle besides buses (yes, we still have buses running here) and the odd car. There cannot be so many people who work as first responders.

On the streets, walking, I only encounter one or two couples or a parent and child or another person who is walking their dog. Everything continues to be closed (more so than a few weeks back), but I wonder with so many cars on the move, where are all these people going?

I imagine that there is a party somewhere I have not been invited to. Cars go and come on 8th street and they are full of people singing. They have all sorts of party foods. Onion dip, salsa, spinach and artichoke just out of the oven. Tortilla chips, crisps and fancy crackers to go with. They also have cakes. One, I'm sure is a chocolate layered cake, rich and moist, covered in ganache.

The Mad Hatter’s tea party, from the colour illustrated Nursery Alice, 1890 (source: British Library)

At the party, they have fresh lemonade and sodas. There is wine, but I'm not that interested in it. I want just a freshly made coffee made by the best barista in town and a piece of the chocolate cake. I will sit with strangers and ask what they did as they were locked at home. The sun will warm us up and, after the conversation, I will return home and get back to being inside, not because I have to, but because that's what I do.

10:56 pm:

Canada cases 32,857

Deaths 1356

Recoveries 10,559

World cases 2,244,303

World deaths 154,219

World recoveries 569,699


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