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Day 36: Barter

I delivered freshly baked bread to my friend Shelley (she liked it, but Nate loved it!). Know that someone enjoys what I'm making (besides Tessa, that is) warms something within me. Today, however, besides Nate's sunny smile, and Grace's witty remarks, I was offered some of the wheat that Joe (Shelley's husband) keeps at home and which he uses to make his own flour. I was so excited with this gift. Tessa loved the whole-wheat and seeds bread made the first week of lockdown. After three loaves, I ran out of wheat and had to switch to sourdough. I also made brioche, but I was told that it was "too crumbly when toasted" (that's right, kid. Brioche is an enriched bread. There are 8 ounces of butter in that loaf. It makes the bread megalicious. And crumbly.). At some point, in our physically distant visit, I mentioned that my yeast had not yet arrived in the mail. I explained that I hadn't been able to find any since March and that I had been told it was sold out in Calgary too.

A gift of wheat and yeast from Shelley and Joe.

Immediately, Shelley asked Joe to get me some yeast (apparently he used to buy it in bulk when it was still available at Costco). She also told me the place to get it: the supermarket bakery. I am so grateful for this information and plan to check it out tomorrow morning. I hope it paid off, but cannot help wondering how I never thought to check there.

9:47 pm:

Canada cases 37,926

Deaths 1749

Recoveries 12,747

World cases 2,476,916

World deaths 170,297

World recoveries 646,739


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