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Day 38: 40,000+

Despite the fact that Canada has surpassed 40,000 cases, our premier announced today that Saskatchewan will be reopening in five phases. These will be announced tomorrow when Moe addresses us again.

If one were to speculate, most likely doctors and dentists will be restored first. Who knows what other things will be considered a priority. Nails and hair, I hope. But it is just a hope.

I'm of two minds in reference to this. Of course, we all want to go back to normal as soon as possible but only when that is as safe as it can be. Only four people died of COVID-19 related causes to date. The province has 362 cases in total. We are doing well, it seems (particularly when we compare ourselves with Alberta).

Canada cases 41,650

Deaths 2080

Recoveries 14,490

World cases 2,628,527

World deaths 183,424

World recoveries 784,986


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