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Day 42: Repairs

Imagine that you are locked in and you decided to make a new necklace. You pick silver, because that's what you really like. You have done this pattern before. Your mother sports a bracelet to prove it. When she wears it, it looks perfect. Nothing indicates that something might go wrong.

When you finish the necklace (which happens pretty quickly), it doesn't sit right. The chain twists in an odd fashion and your are convinced that it is because the small rings, that link the möbius flowers turns a little.

You take it to the expert and she tells you that your flowers are going in two different directions. You spend hours trying to figure it out, attempting to distinguish one from the other. You can't, naturally.

After three days of fighting in frustration you have revelation: you can create flowers in two directions, using different colour rings. This will give you a visual that you can follow.

Of course, it is not that easy. You still need to align the different silver flowers against either direction.

After hours of fiddling with it, you think you succeeded. The chain still twists a little, but you want to believe that it has to do with the length.

Who knows? Perhaps you should have alternated the flowers after all.

10:37 pm

Canada cases 47,147

Deaths 2663

Recoveries 16,883

World cases 2,971,669

World deaths 206,549

World recoveries 865,836


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