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Day 43: Police

I have been watching a police car for hours. I'm pretty sure it is the same vehicle. It went by thrice this afternoon. The second time, it stopped in front of my house. They rolled their windows down. The woman, who was walking a tiny brown dog, pointed to the park and smiled, as if the police were friendly.

It is so different from Latin America. Here the police is not aggressive and, generally, they are not considered dangerous.

In the morning, a different police vehicle had passed by. I didn't notice whether they did it more than once. My work was really preventing me from paying attention. In the evening, after the woman and her dog, I couldn't help but to watch and wonder what they might be looking for. The car was cruising slowly, observing. Someone must have called them because I have never seen this type of behaviour from the local police before.

10:39 pm

Canada cases 49,616

Deaths 2841

Recoveries 18,268

World cases 3,041,517

World deaths 211,159

World recoveries 894,062


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