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Day 44: Errors

I found serious errors in our transcriptions today. Those should have been good, but something went wrong in the conversion and there are mistakes in the encoding. I spent quite some time fixing the XML and found time to catch a couple of real transcription issues. I recognize them from far away, just by looking at the collation. They are the kind of mistakes that beginning transcribers make. They confuse t and c, long s and f, and all sorts of abbreviations.

I have been correcting these types of errors for more than twenty years now. It doesn't help the feeling of sameness that permeates my life. I could interpret it, however, as a sign that there was a past even before the pandemic. one that was the same but also not the same simultaneously.

The police finally stopped to talk to the men in the park. They cleared the area. The table is now empty.

10:08 pm

Canada cases 51,150

Deaths 2983

Recoveries 18,268

World cases 3,116,680

World deaths 217,168

World recoveries 928,712


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