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Day 46: Self-care

At the end of a meeting today, I could not help but to notice Daisy, grooming herself by the window. I fell under a spell watching her. She seemed content, looking after her own body, not worrying about anything else at that point. Of course, she is a cat, if anything, she knows she is pretty (cats are always pretty, flexible, and fit).

This reminded me again of some of the things that matter to me. When I go to get my hair or my nails done, I make sure I am being looked after. It matters to me because it makes me feel better. But I realize that it is not only because I look better after. I enjoy the whole process of someone making sure my nails or skin or hair are conditioned and in good shape. I consider massages an absolute luxury.

It seems like years ago when we went to enjoy the thermal waters with friends after skating. It was such a nice day (even though someone stole my shoes). I wonder whether we might ever do anything like that.

Will I be hugged again?

9:45 pm

Canada cases 54,457

Deaths 3310

Recoveries 21,424

World cases 3,256,846

World deaths 233,388

World recoveries 1,014,153


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