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Day 47: Spring

Spring happens suddenly. Yesterday, nature vibrated within the greyish branches and today it spilled from their tips, dripping into everything and conferring a tender green tinge to the ends of otherwise asleep plants.

One wants to think this is positive. At least, it signals change, a new season with warmth, sun, and the promise of life.

I want to be happy but it is an effort. So I sit at home, waiting, spending myself in nothing, alone.

It is not so much that I am tired of this, but that I fear it will never end. Not even when things are open again. The phrase I dread the most is "the new normal," but politicians and medical officers let it roll out as if it were a good thing. It is not.

At least, Trudeau is banning assault weapons. One hopes this will protect people, placating the knowledge that the bad guys were never deterred by laws.

9:20 pm

Canada cases 56,343

Deaths 3537

Recoveries 22,764

World cases 3,343,777

World deaths 238,650

World recoveries 1,053,327


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