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Day 52: Medicine

I'm so tired. It has been a long day. It started at 5:30 and I have not stopped for a minute.

My eyes don't want to stay open, but I must write something tonight. I could continue my story tomorrow, but for now, I just begin.

It went well, at first. A good interview. Too good if you ask me. But what do I know? Then meeting after meeting (even though I managed to miss my first one.

Then, the doctor's call. Uncanny. This is how things are: doctors see you over the phone. By appointment. At least, there is no waiting. She has a kind voice, this doctor. Soothing. Agreeable. I trust her. We spoke about then minutes. She asked me a few questions, maintained my current dose, and filled my prescriptions. It was weird to know I would be seeing her. Who knows when we get to see a doctor again. Unless we get COVID-19 (something no one wants).


Canada cases 64,694

Deaths 4366

Recoveries 28,184

World cases 3,755,341

World deaths 263,831

World recoveries 1,245,413


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