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Day 53: Ups and Downs

A letter arrived from Tessa's school with the news that kids will not go back until September. I cannot imagine how this must feel for her. She's been really lonely at home, refusing to go out. She seems to have a clearer understanding of what this all means than most adults. This worries me. It's too heavy a burden. I wish I could lighten her load.

Fortunately, Shelley got a new RV and has invited us to see it. Tessa was very enthusiastic about that, so I'm hoping that the opportunity will cheer her up. It would be good if the skating rink reopened too. We will have to wait.


Canada cases 66,201

Deaths 4541

Recoveries 29,260

World cases 3,846,861

World deaths 269,584

World recoveries 1,285,807


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