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Day 56: Mother's Day

Here is the soap dispenser I got for Mother's Day.

That's right: it is not a soap dispenser. It's a mystifier. You get it and you are mystified by it. So is everyone else when you explain that is not a bloody soap dispenser (why would I want a soap dispenser? Why would anyone?). A mystified, I can use. The orchids, which have never flowered again, might enjoy it. They will be mystified by it, no doubt.

On the bright side, my kid made me a wonderful omelette and even my ex managed to produce a good Italian quiche and some decent prosecco.

It could have been much worse.

9:42 pm

Canada cases 70,091

Deaths 4991

Recoveries 32,109

World cases 4,102,849

World deaths 282,709

World recoveries 1,408,980


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