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Day 6: Time Standing Still

The sixth day of isolation. I still leave the house to walk the dog (at least we have not been told we cannot do that). The city is eerily quiet. Like a holiday. Like Christmas. Time standing still. Some kids were playing by breaking the ice on the sidewalk. A little girl wearing a short sleeves t-shirt, made me realize how hot it was.

Tessa had asked for more cupcakes so I had to remember to take the card. Bills might be contaminated and they don't want them.

I have been watching a documentary about Madeleine McCann. Today, I keep hearing my kid cough regularly as I follow the incompetency of the police and the viciousness of the press that might have played a role in the outcome (or lack-there-of) of the McCann case. I know that coughing is a symptom of COVID-19, but since she didn't have a fever I didn't call 811. We should wait and see how it develops.

The Northwest Territories reported its first case. Only Nunavut and Yukon remain virus-free.

To pass the time, when I'm not knitting (today's project is an emerald silk shawl), I'm reading The Road.

At 9:52pm:

Canada cases: 1278

Deaths: 19

Recoveries: 16

I look forward to the days in which there are more recoveries than deaths. Still, I'm grateful for the leaders of this country: they are acting calmly and decisively, which is what people need right now.

9:59 pm:

Canada cases: 1333 (I should stop reading the news)

World wide cases: 307,277

World wide deaths: 13,048


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