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Day 62: Puns

It has finally come to this: my kid said something I agreed with, and the Prime Minister had mentioned in a recent speech.

Me: "That's so True-deau."

Tessa: ...

Me: ...

Tessa: ...

Me: ...

Tessa: ...

Me: ...

Tessa: "That's not a good pun."

Me: "It's brilliant. And funny."

Tessa: "Puns are not meant to be funny."

Me: "What's the difference between a cat and a comma?"

Tessa: "That's not funny either."

Me: "It's too."

Tessa: "It's not."

In sixty-two days, the bitter little thing managed to lose all sense of what's funny (or not). The difference between a cat and a comma is the best pun ever and became the best meme ever. But my kid has no love for that. Something I cannot understand. Judge for yourselves.

10:17 pm

Canada cases 77,206

Deaths 5800

Recoveries 37,832

World cases 4,634,132

World deaths 311,781

World recoveries 1,693,197


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