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Day 67: Appreciation

Today I felt appreciated. Not something that happens often. Two different people came to me to tell me how much my work matters.

I have been aware, for quite some time, of the importance of people who donate their time and effort to any cause. And, even though I was advised years ago not to volunteer for anything, I took it to mean not to volunteer for anything with the expectation of getting anything in return. As Ilana told me, when I moved to New York: when we have the opportunity to do something for a friend, it is our chance to show that we are truly there for them.

One can do things for friends, or for causes or for institutions one believes in.

Although I don't especially expect that anyone will notice, I confess to having felt a sense of satisfaction, of gratitude even, when my efforts were recognized. To be sure, those were the efforts of many and not just me, but the encouragement was real. If anything, it made me more committed and determined to continue contributing. It's also a good lesson on how to be a good manager: by making sure people's efforts are recognized, one can earn loyalty and hard work.

No matter what, I feel ready for tomorrow. If I were the praying type, I would pray for this feeling to persist.

10:35 pm

Canada cases 82,750

Deaths 6267

Recoveries 41,731

World cases 5,107,573

World deaths 333,924

World recoveries 1,948,746


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