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Day 69: Level Up

I have made bread, like everyone else. It's fine. It's fun. It's not exotic. Today, browsing Amazon for something completely different, I found myself into their grocery section. For reasons I cannot understand, the algorithm suggested a product of an exorbitant price I never even knew existed: dried sea cucumbers.

There it was. For a mere 446 Canadian dollars I could buy myself something that offers "Natural Lodine Support." I suppose they must have meant iodine. Soft gold indeed. Although the actual price of gold today is 78.08 per gram, which would make 200 around 15,661.

Undeterred by the price, I investigated further. Clearly, I am not the only one who has wondered about the sea cucumber. There are a few videos of how to prepare it, some more professional than others. Here is one, from someone who shows how to prepare sea cucumber from scratch.

As you can see, while some are still stuck with homemade bread, I'm already fantasizing about my next challenge. I doubt that it will be sea cucumbers because they are too pricy. I would ask you to send some for my next birthday, but I still would rather have the Hans Gabler three-volume edition of Ulysses or some H. Stern jewelry. Or even better: get me something designed by Annette Girardon. #LifeGoals

12:10 am

Canada cases 85,151

Deaths 6466

Recoveries 43,318

World cases 5,311,624

World deaths 342,105

World recoveries 2,112,279


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