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Day 95: Finishing

What a week! I'm exhausted. I still need to finish two articles, part of another one, and the syllabus for my FSCI class. After it all went live there was a little break, but everything is picking up again. Four meetings this week; one cancelled. Somehow it feels as it all were my responsibility even though it isn't.

The weekend is going to be rough. I need to push these articles out. It's better than not having anything to say, but the uncertainty kills you. This collection landed on my lap, but like all gifts, it came with an extra serving of responsibility. It has to be done on time. It has to be.

Of course, the problem is that, after those articles are done, there are two more to do. And two grant proposals. And a couple of job applications (little ones, the ones that don't take you anywhere and keep you from becoming real). It never ends. A parade of things to do, things we don't get paid for, things that might not make a difference to anyone. I do them anyway. Institutionalized as I am. I run towards a finish line that moves farther the faster I run.

9:43 pm

Canada cases 101,877

Deaths 8361

Recoveries 63,782

World cases 8,464,739

World deaths 453,290

World recoveries 4,142,540


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